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Below are some testimonials from residents, patients and family members that have received rehabilitation services or made West Hills Health & Rehabilitation their home. We invite you to visit our community and take a tour!

We were very impressed with the positive attitude and kindness that permeated the entire West Hills Health & Rehabilitation experience. Very cheerful staff, treated our family member with love and professionalism. We were allowed to stay with him 24 hours a day and they accommodated us in every way possible. He received terrific treatment from therapists, CNAs, nurses, and even administrators. It was a stressful time for us but they made us feel welcome and extremely well cared for.

Carolyn H.

Family Member

I am writing to thank your entire staff for the excellent care they provided to my wife, Joanne, during her extended stay at your facility. Everyone we met was positive, professional and very helpful. All of the nurses were excellent. As Kathy was Joanne’s primary nurse, tending to her needs during the day I must state that her ministrations were outstanding in every way. Her help was most appreciated by Joanne and I and without her, the stay would not have been beneficial. Martin and Janet were her primary physical therapist and occupational respectively and both were outstanding. Without Martin’s instructions Joanne would not be home now. We cannot thank them enough. All of the therapists we met were helpful and professional. We are impressed with your facility and will speak positively to Joanne’s primary care physician and orthopedic surgeon.


Ronald, M.D.

Family Member of Resident

My husband has been hospitalized six times in the 38 years that we have been married and has been in a rehabilitation facility three times prior to his two recent stays at West Hills Health and Rehabilitation. We have been fortunate to have had wonderful experiences in five of the six hospital stays and three of the three care facility experiences have been wonderful as well. In fact, each of our other care facility experiences have been so wonderful that we never expected or imagined any other care facility experience needed to be or would exceed our former experiences or expectations. The staff at West Hills exceeded any and all expectations (including expectations we weren’t aware of until they were performed). We would never dream of choosing another care facility if the need should ever present itself again. (If the need should arise we can only pray there will be room for us.)

Each and every employee, Registered Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist who worked with and provided care for my husband were stellar. You and your Human Resources Department are deftly skilled in selecting the cream of the crop

Pres’ primary nursing team, Janice, RN, and lamin, CNA, created a comforting and cheerful atmosphere that can’t be bested. Each and every other nurse and certified nursing assistant that was assigned to Pres always provided the utmost warm and wonderful care as well.

Pres’ Rehabilitation Team, led by Trent, Director of Rehabilitation, can’t be topped. Every day, they generously provided inspiration, humor, and heart all while ensuring Pres’ road to recovery progressed in a positive and safe manner.

Professionalism, inspiration, humor, and heart belong to each and every employee we met and have come to know. Deb, Admissions Coordinator, who took us under her wing from day one offering bushels of support and help, continues to keep in touch with offers of help and to see how we’re both doing. Debi, Social Service-Skilled Care, always made sure our needs were met and made time to check in with Pres frequently. Ashley, Life Enrichment, (Morale Booster and Entertainer Extraordinaire!) always kept us smiling and entertained. You simply can’t be anything but happy when Ashley is around! Ken and Meagan, Receptionists, were always welcoming and glad to see us and made me feel at home. Amber RN, who was often Pres’ evening nurse, was always cheerful and helpful. Bee, is always happy and helpful and Jennifer, who works so hard and seemingly tirelessly, is always friendly and cheerful. Betty worked individually with Pres to meet his dietary requests. Melissa, Business Office Manager and Yolanda were both extremely caring and helpful to me during a particularly difficult time.

There are many other employees whose names we don’t know, but as I said before, each and every person who has been in contact with either or both of us have all been sensational and we want to thank them all with all of our hearts.

As I hope I’ve conveyed, our highest praise and heart-felt thanks belong to the entire West Hills staff. We thank you for the community you’ve created and welcomed us into and for inspiring my husband to so willingly dive into his therapy and recovery plan. We owe that inspiration to your hard work, your technical ability, and your caring words of encouragement and daily dedication.

Thank you for everything!

Warmest regards, Gail


Family Member of Resident